The increasing digitalisation of the society is one of the major challenges for small and medium-sized enterprises. The necessary expertise to meet these challenges and to remain competitive with innovative solutions is so diverse that they are often only partially available for smaller companies. This is particularly true for health care, which is one of the leading sectors in Berlin.

The innovative potential of Berlin's small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of medical technology and biotechnology is unique, as the cluster Healthcare clearly shows. Especially the increasing digitalisation in this field is a challenge but also a chance for businesses. However, mastering this challenge also requires information technology expertise in managing and analyzing large amounts of data in a interconnected infrastructure, beyond branch-specific expertise.

For the successful application of digital technologies in the health sector, it is particularly important to link highly specific competencies concerning medicine and health with information technology. Standard solutions are not applyable for the health sector due to special requirements. The lack of the necessary infrastructure for research and development (e.g. measurement technology, laboratory equipment, IT) often impede the conception and realization of new projects for small enterprises. The aim of this project is to create a platform that brings together companies in the health sector and research groups of HTW for the creation, evaluation and assessment of digital data.